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Is My Car Stereo Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

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Q: Is my car stereo covered under my car insurance policy?

AIS Answer: This completely depends on whether your car stereo was standard on your vehicle (i.e. OEM) or if it’s an aftermarket stereo.

Generally your comprehensive and collision coverage will cover a damged or stolen car stereo, in fact any OEM equipment. However, if you’ve purchased an aftermarket stereo system an it’s damaged or stolen – it may not be considered part of the vehicle and it may not be covered.
There are some tricky rules regarding OEM equipment and Aftermarket and how it applies to insurance coverage. For instance. Farmers insurance mentions on their website that if you have an aftermarket CD Player installed in the opening of the area of the dash where a manufacturer would install the CD Player – then it’s covered.

Essentially, if it didn’t look like it came with the car, an insurance company may use their discretion in paying a claim. Not always of course which is why the example above may not even apply with your current auto insurance company. It’s always smart to talk with your insurance agent or company about aftermarket components and the required coverage. There may be optional coverage necessary for insuring these items.

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  1. stereo stolen's Gravatar stereo stolen
    January 9, 2008    

    I’ve had friends with their car stereos and GPS systems that have been stolen out of their vehicles and they’ve been replaced at the cost to purchase the same model new by their car insurance company.

    I don’t disagree with the fact that insurance companies only want to replace original equipment, but i think that if you have comprehensive it covers most of the contents of the vehicle.

  2. car stereo installation's Gravatar car stereo installation
    January 11, 2008    

    I find it ridiculous that an insurance company will not insure an aftermarket car stereo without additional insurance. I can understand if someone has their purse stolen out of a vehicle, because it doesn’t have anything to do with the car, but a car stereo is part of the car once it’s installed.

    I think that what this is really about is that auto makers usually buy parts like stereo’s from a manufacturer with the lowest bid, therefore making the stereo’s low cost units. Where a car audio consumer would probably put a unit in at $1,000+…not counting visual LCD displays or extra speakers, woofers, tweeters, bass units, etc.

  3. none's Gravatar none
    January 13, 2008    

    that’s just another reason insurance companies suck!

  4. car toys's Gravatar car toys
    January 14, 2008    

    doesn’t car toys offer some kind of insurance on their stereo’s or warranties or something? I thought they did.

  5. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 27, 2008    

    car insurance won’t cover your cd’s either.

  6. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    April 27, 2008    

    aftermarket stereos should be covered as they are in your car and part of your car. Same with GPS>

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