Canceled Auto Insurance After 3 Accidents

A few years ago, I was visiting a friend in New York when he received a letter
that his auto insurance had been cancelled.  Baffled, he called the insurance
company but was merely told, “Sorry, we can’t continue to insure

As it turned out, the broker’s office was not far from my friend’s
apartment, so, we walked in and asked for an explanation. My friend was told
that the cancellation was because he had been involved in three accidents in
six months. He reminded the broker that in each case the other party was
clearly at fault, and that there was the police report in each case to confirm
that the drunk driver who crossed over into his lane, the lady who hit him at
the back while he was waiting at the red light, and the man who slid on ice and
hit his parked car were all at fault. The broker told him that he understood but
the insurance company saw things differently: “The way they see it, you’re
a moving target.”

My friend then blurted, “Even when I was parked?” I think we all
laughed an uncomfortable laughter. The broker went on, “Maybe it’s
something in your karma. Sorry, can’t help you.”

My friend went with another insurance company. But for a long time after that
incident, I would ask him,”How’s your karma these days?”

2 thoughts on “Canceled Auto Insurance After 3 Accidents”

  1. wow…that sucks. Insurance companies tend to cancel policies for any reason. Doesn’t even seem to matter if you’ve been with the same company for years.

  2. I’ve had my wife’s policy “cancelled” before. Basically they said we could pay a few thousand dollars per month to keep her on there. Guess that was their way of saying, drop her from the policy or you’re going to pay $20k a year.

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