Can I Print My Car Insurance Card

Can I Print My Car Insurance Card

Q: Do most car insurance companies offer customers the option of printing their car insurance card?

[wpsharely id=”1128″]AIS Answer: In a perfect world the answer would be yes, but, as efficient as it is for customers to log in to their customer account on the company web site, view, and print their insurance card – it’s just not an option with all insurance companies.

Most of the big names you know like Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide, Esurance, Allstate, AIG, Farmers and other major carriers offer this option. Basically, any insurance company with an online presence will have some form of viewing your current auto insurance coverage and printing the insurance card.

If you went through an independent agent who deals with many small to mid-size insurance companies, and you selected one of those companies, there’s a very good chance that they may not have the ability to print proof of insurance. Of course the only way to find out is to go to your insurance company’s web site and see what kind of options you have for creating an account.

If you’re truly interested in this feature then you’ll have to do your homework on the insurance company before you decide to purchase a policy. Those online features are not only more efficient, but can be extremely helpful if you ever find yourself without proof of insurance in your vehicle.

Also as a side note. Many of the insurance companies that offer customer accounts will not only allow you to view and print your auto insurance policy, but you can request new insurance via mail and even faster – email.[/wpsharely]

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  1. I have never printd my insurance card. I find that they usually just send them in the mail and that works 😉 J/K. Seriously, if I lost an insurance card and I could just sing in and print my card that would be sweet, so it’s awesome that they provide that feature.

  2. All car insurance companies have several discount schemes.
    The larger the deductible, the reduced your premium
    is going to be, but just be sure you can pay the higher deductible if you file
    an incident. While this might be unlikely, the goal is to protect yourself against any potential problem
    on the road.

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