Can I Drive My Friends Car if I Have Car Insurance but They Don’t?

Q: Can I drive my friends car if I have car insurance but they don’t. He seems to think that it’s ok to let me drive it because I have insurance.

AIS Answer: If you have current automobile insurance, you can drive most street legal vehicles – but, if that specific vehicle isn’t covered under an existing insurance policy, it would be advisable that you do not operate it, or any other uninsured vehicle before talking to a licensed insurance agent or company in your state.

Also, every state has its own driving laws so it’s not a question that can be answered without knowing specifics, and even then you’ll need to refer to a licensed insurance agent in that state. In many states (like Arizona) you must carry current automobile insurance on any registered vehicle. If that’s the case in your state, the vehicle and the registered owner are already in violation of the law for not insuring the vehicle and the vehicle would not be allowed on the road until it was registered and insured.

The best thing you could do is not operate any vehicle that does not carry current car insurance, especially if it’s a requirement in your state. A whole mess of trouble could be on the other end of that if you’re pulled over or even worse, in an accident.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • What if you were pulled over and could not provide proof of insurance?
  • How would you defend a ticket for driving without valid automobile insurance for a vehicle that wasn’t insured?
  • What if you were in an accident and the vehicle had a suspended registration because of no insurance?
  • Would your personal insurance company deny a claim on a vehicle that wasn’t on your policy?

As stated, please talk with your insurance agent or company for advice on this issue. Your insurance company can tell you if they would cover this situation, and give you advice on what you should or shouldn’t do regarding driving uninsured vehicles.

7 thoughts on “Can I Drive My Friends Car if I Have Car Insurance but They Don’t?”

  1. if your friend doesn’t have insurance, don’t drive their car. Better yet, they should get insurance on the car or sell it, because we don’t need more of these uninsured vehicles on the road.

  2. when I was younger I drove cars without insurance all the time. That was stupid, much like this scenario. I highly doubt an insurance company would pay a claim on another vehicle that isn’t allowed to be on the road…you’d be setting yourself up for a big loss.

  3. I don’t get why you would have car insurance if you don’t your own car. Or do you have your own car and are just being dumb by driving someone else’s vehicle? Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Don’t drive without car insurance.

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